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Why trust us with your CGX and PGX testing?

dna cancer testing

 Our partner labs are CLIA certified state of the art automated lab services provided with the latest in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology that allows them to process and decode the entire human genome with the highest standard of quality.  We have been in the lab industry for over 20 years, we have become a leading bio science firm and provide the most advance clinical genetic sequencing services to patients, doctors, and hospitals across the entire U.S.  

 We are the nation's leading provider in revolutionary new lab tests for  Hereditary Cancer screening (CGX) which tests for an industry leading 39 relevant genetic markers.  This allows the patient to understand if they are predisposed to acquiring cancer.   By analyzing a person's DNA we are able to search for specific genetic variants that put one at an increased risk of Hereditary Cancer.  By using the latest advances in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) this allows us to analyze a patient's sample and this provides us comprehensive reports of genetic variants and risk factors.  The ordering physician supported by our genetic counselors is able to formulate a treatment protocol to address any negative findings including suggesting a follow up with the patient's local physician to have additional testing.  Awareness of one's risk factors allows patients and their physicians to take a proactive rather reactive approach to managing identified risks.

All genetic scientists at our partner labs are highly trained and appropriately process samples with the utmost care.  Our genetic specialists are always available for in-depth consultations. Your CGx report will be easy to read and will provide you with clinically significant data based on the most recent medical innovations.